Godfather of GreenJerry Yudelson Becomes President of
the Green Building Initiative

Yudelson Associates is pleased to announce that Jerry Yudelson is now focusing all of his professional time on the success of the Green Building Initiative which provides the Green Globes green building certifications and other services for the green building industry. Please click here to learn more about this important development…

New Book

The World’s Greenest Buildings:

Promise vs. Performance in Sustainable Design

The World's Greenest BuildingsJerry’s new book (published January 2013) provides the very first large-scale study comparing building performance data worldwide from the highest-rated large green buildings of the past 10 years, using actual energy and water operating data from 57 projects in 18 countries. It offers architects, engineers and project developers a new way to understand how high-performance buildings can be designed and constructed.

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Free Resources

BlueTech Forum 2012BlueTech Forum 2012 – The Water Technology Opportunity in Green Buildings, Jerry Yudelson

Advances in water technology used to reduce building water consumption offer new business opportunities for selling packaged graywater, blackwater and rainwater reclaim systems, technologies and management/monitoring systems to building owners, especially those committed to green building projects. In this presentation, Jerry Yudelson, the most published author chronicling the green building movement worldwide, will profile some of these opportunities for corporate investment and entrepreneurial potential.

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Water WarsOur New YouTube Water Conservation Video Series: “Water Wars”

Jerry has developed a series of videos describing the danger of upcoming water wars throughout the world, and showing you what you can do with personal water conservation actions through sustainable green building design.

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Free Article Makes Case for Green Building RestorationsFree Article Makes Case for Green Building Restorations

In this free download, green building and sustainability consultant, Jerry Yudelson makes the case that the restoration of older buildings using established green building practices offers a simple, yet extremely practical solution to an important environment problem: What’s the right approach to older buildings?

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Analyzing the Business Case for Net Zero Buildings

Jerry’s new article, “Analyzing the Business Case for Net Zero Buildings,” takes this emerging trend in green building design and provides a clear rationale for why going to net-zero buildings makes good business sense. This is taken from Building Design & Construction magazine’s 2011 White Paper, Zero and Net-Zero Energy Buildings and Homes, published in April 2011.

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Pyramid of New Water Sources

A conceptual breakthrough for thinking about how to meet our future water needs. Check out the Pyramid of New Water Sources, Jerry Yudelson’s new tool to show future water supply sources, a pyramid with ten steps of increasing cost and complexity.

Download the Pyramid of New Water Sources (PDF 220KB)

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