The World’s Greenest Buildings: Promise vs. Performance in Sustainable Design

The World's Greenest BuildingsThe World’s Greenest Buildings: Promise vs. Performance in Sustainable Design provides the very first large-scale study comparing building performance data worldwide from the highest-rated large green buildings of the past 10 years, using actual energy and water operating data from 57 projects in 18 countries. It offers architects, engineers and project developers a new way to understand how high-performance buildings can be designed and constructed.

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Prolific and constantly curious, Jerry Yudelson understands and expresses the importance of integrative design thinking and creative collaboration to make low-energy buildings and environments. Here, Yudelson and Meyer have identified global design exemplars that integrate architecture and context, economics and social responsibility, performance and aesthetics, demonstrating exciting solutions to meet the challenges of creating a more sustainable world.

Bruce Kuwabara, founding partner, Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects and design architect for Manitoba Hydro Place

The book delivers even more than advertised! You have taken on all the “bugaboos” that seem to dog green buildings and proven them false. You have also effectively positioned energy-efficient green buildings as the most credible way to reduce society’s impact on the environment.

Manager, Global Communications, Fortune 100 Company

The book provides:

  • A recipe, based on experience, for delivering successful high-performance green building projects in North America, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region.
  • An overview of green building rating systems, showing “best in class” building performance in North America, Chile, Western Europe, India, China, Australia and other Asia/Pacific countries.
  • Practical examples of best practices for achieving high-performance outcomes in large new nonresidential buildings, useful for architects and engineers, contractors, building owners and managers, facility professionals, developers and everyone charged with developing new commercial, governmental and institutional buildings.
  • A response to the intense need for a practical reference for design professionals, building owners, and facility managers on setting performance goals for energy and water use in buildings aiming at achieving the highest green building rankings, one that takes them step-by-step through many different design solutions.
  • Interviews with architects, engineers, building owners and building science professionals, providing added insight into the integrated design process essential for achieving high-performance outcomes.
  • A complete guide to world-class green building performance outcomes for new buildings, including corporate, commercial, educational, governmental and other large project types.
  • A wealth of exemplary case studies of successful high-performance green building projects throughout the world.

The authors, Yudelson and Meyer, have taken on the important task to compare real performance versus the promise of ‘green’ buildings. The new data available in this book adds to a better guidance for architects and relevant lessons learnt. This is information we have all been waiting for; while offering a global overview of green buildings, it helps to unlock the truth about the real performance of sustainable commercial architecture.

Professor Steffen Lehmann, University of South Australia

Addressing the challenges of our time, Yudelson and Meyer identify the true leaders in sustainable building design. Using real performance data, they showcase and compare buildings which combine great design, environmental quality and sustainability, providing the guidance necessary for the next generation of sustainable building design. A must read for every architect and engineer!

Thomas Auer, Transsolar Climate Engineering, Stuttgart, Germany

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Read Chapters 5 and 8 online »

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